Markus Guehr
Markus Guehr
Staff Scientist
PULSE Institute, SLAC
2575 Sand Hill Road MS 59
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Co-PI in task E.2.a. - The fastest time Scales (Bucksbaum, Guehr).
During his time as a grad student in the group of Prof. Schwentner, Markus Guehr investigated the coherent ultrafast dynamics of small molecules in rare gas crystal hosts. He applied coherent control to understand the decoherence mechanisms of vibrational and electronic wave packets. Furthermore, he found that coherent phonons are excited and probed by the ultrafast molecular dynamics.
After getting his PhD, he extended his interest to strong field molecular physics. He set up a high harmonic lab with the grad students Brian McFarland andJoe Farrell in Phil Bucksbaums group at Stanford University. His currently investigates high harmonic generation (HHG) mechanisms in molecules in simple systems like N2 already finding surprising effects like lower orbital contributions to HHG. In the future, he will concentrate on applications of HHG in chemistry. Furthermore, he is working on x-ray scattering on I3-in polymers using LCLS, bringing in his competence of molecular ultrafast dynamics in solid hosts.
02/06 – 07/97 Feodor Lynen Research Scholarship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded for scientific work of excellent German scientists abroad (20 scholarships for physics in 2006)
12/06 Ernst Reuter Award
awarded to the best 4 of 564 Ph.D. theses at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2005
09/04 Best Poster Award International Conference for Low Temperature Chemistry 5, Berlin
01/02 Heraeus Award
for outstanding students in physics with study periods below 5 years
02/97 – 06/01 Scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes