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The LCLS-PULSE seminar is a joint seminar between LCLS and PULSE that provides a platform to facilitate the scientific communication of photon science in SLAC. We invite speakers from SLAC, Stanford campus and world wide to cover diverse disciplines across ultrafast science from accelerator physics, ultrafast light source to atomic and molecular dynamics, materials science, nanoscale and biomolecular imaging.

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If you are interested in giving a talk or have any suggestions, please contact Brian McFarland, Joshua Wittenberg or Yiping Feng.

Seminar archives
17 June, 2010
High Harmonics and Attosecond Pulses Emerging from Laser Filament
By Mette Gaarde

7 May, 2010
Large Angular Jump Mechanism for Hydrogen Bond Switching in Aqueous Ionic Solution- Polarization Selective 2DIR Spectroscopy
By Minbiao Ji

26 March, 2010
Three-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy (3D-IR) of Isotopically Substituted Liquid Water
By Sean Garrett-Roe

18 March, 2010
X-ray view of femtosecond opto-magnetism
By Hermann Durr

18 Feb, 2010
X-ray absorption by molecules
By Christian Buth

11 Feb, 2010
Unraveling the ultrafast dynamics in shock-compressed materials
By Evan Reed

1 Feb, 2010
CaF: Just small enough, and Ca: Even Smaller
By Robert Field

11 Jan, 2010
Spatiotemporal coherent control with picometer and attosecond precision: from cold molecules to bulk solids
By Kenji Ohmori

15 Dec, 2009
Experimental realization of a large gap 3D topological insulator with a single dirac-cone on the surface
By Yulin Chen

30 Nov, 2009
Strong field Quantitative Rescattering Theory -self-imaging of molecules by their own electrons
By C. D. Lin

18 Nov, 2009
First pump-probe experiment at LCLS
By Ryan Coffee

14 Oct, 2009
Mapping the conformations of biological assemblies
By Abbas Ourmazd

13, Oct, 2009
Actively Controllable Properties of Terahertz Metamaterials and Their Applications
By Hou-Tong Chen

23, Sep, 2009
THz pulses from 4th generation lightsources: Perspectives for fully synchronized THz pump X-ray probe experiements
By Michael Gensch

23, July, 2009
Attosecond probing of molecules using high harmonic generation
By Stefan Haessler

02, July, 2009
Study of Molecular Dynamics using Asymmetric Laser Pulses: From Electron Diffraction of Atoms towards Molecular Imaging
By Dipanwita Ray

01, July, 2009
Nonlinear ultrafast time-resolved photoemission: Exploring the dynamical structure of matter with electrons
By Hryoje Petek

11 June, 2009
First Principles Dynamics of Ultrafast Chemistry
By Todd Martinez

27 May, 2009
Optimal field strength and temperature for nonadiabatic alignment dynamics: from ambient N2 to pH2 crystals
By Nikolaus Schwentner

029 April, 2009
Tunable angular momentum and ultrafast magnetization dynamics in GdFeCo  
By Andrei Kirilyuk

09 April, 2009
Coherent X-ray Scattering for Nanostructures & Surface Dynamics
By Hyunjung Kim

02 April, 2009
Commisionning status of LCLS Accelerator and undulator systems
By Henrik Loos

18 Mar, 2009
LCLS-I and Beyond
By Jerome Hastings

5 Mar, 2009
Ultrafast Laser-Induced Dynamics of solids
By David Reis

10 Feb, 2009
Ultrafast X-Ray Detector Proposal: 1ps resolution using photoconductive semiconductor and laser triggering
By Steve Durbing

The predecessor of the current LCLS-PULSE seminar was PULSE seminar born in Spring of 2007. It was initially designed for rotation talks within PULSE groups, coordinated by Haidan Wen. With the development of PULSE Institute (a quick fact, PULSE Institute was called PULSE Center then), the seminar also served as an important channel to deliver forefront ultrafast science from visiting scholars. In 2009, the LCLS-PULSE seminar was created with LCLS for a cross-Institute platform to facilitate the scientific communication of photon science in SLAC. Yiping Feng has served as the coordinator from LCLS since then. This website was also written to advertise and archive talks. After Haidan Wen's leave in Summer of 2010, Brian McFarland and Joshua Wittenberg jointly coordinate the seminar with Yiping Feng.